TexShop is a Mac OS text editor with a primary focus on Latex typesetting. Researchers and scientists all over the world use Latex to write research papers, proposals, review and project documentation.

TexShop has a nice user-friendly menu driven interface that simplifies regular editing and typesetting operations to regular users. When installed, TexShop integrates itself with the available Latex compiler, and allows users to compile their latex code into PDF documents with a professional format. TexShop also has built-in macros that automate the creation of bibliographical sections that contain citations to projects and research papers related to the document being edited by the user. TexShop has a powerful and fast spell checker with automatic correction. Best of all, TexShop is a freeware distributed under GPL public license. The current release of TexShop works best with Mac OS 10.5 (the Leopard version). It also works with Mac Od 10.4 (the Tiger version). After using TexShop for about six months, I found it quite handy and robust. I can easily typeset project documentation, research papers, and reviews into PDF documents with a professional look with no great effort.