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Thin Clients – How to assemble a cheap computer!

I have a pentium pro 333mhz and a pIII 933mhz setup as thin clients.

This kind of junk can be found easily and most of the times without any cost 🙂 The idea here is to have a typical client-server setup. I use SoThin for this and it does miracles for my kids! The server software is running on my home server (a mix of file server and media center right now). If you’re interested in this I recommend browsing Another tip for cheap computer parts. The HDs! I bougth 4 250gb HDs, IDE, one samsung and the rest Western Digital, on eBay. After formating them I mounted a dynamic partition in a RAID like partition. 3 HDs as a single data unit with about 700gb and one for recovery if something happens. The price? A 3+1 RAID solution for 65 dollars? 🙂 Try to find one in the market!

Greenshot Screenshot

Greenshot is an open source screen capture tool that is easy to use.

No install required just download, unzip, and execute greenshot.exe. It supports three types of screen captures; region, window, and full screen. Images can be saved as JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP. The screen shot can automatically save as a file, sent to a printer, clipboard, or image editor. The image editor supports drawing rectangle, ellipse, line, arrow, and add text. This screen capture tool is easy to use and can allows you to quickly add ellipses, rectangles, lines, and arrows to the image. Be warn this tool on its first execution sets itself up to be automatically when windows is started. This is easy turned off through changing its preferences. It also replaces the windows print screen key for capturing. If you are looking for a screen capture with more capabilities than the windows print key this might be it.