Monthly Archives: July 2017

Make Great Screen Captures

HandySnap is a very useful little program that I have put to use far more than I thought I would.

This versatile program allows the user to outline a section of their screen for screen capture. The user interface is a small, thin window that doesn’t obscure the area you are working with, and can be easily moved around out of the way, but still accessed without the need to toggle between screens. It includes options such as entire screen capture, mouse pointer capture and shape area capture. The software also includes a few minor built in editing features, such as arrows, drawing and painting. The user can add text, draw or edit the picture in a number of ways. HandySnap is available in a free trial version, while the full version is $29.95. I have personally used the program while composing Power Point presentations, and while using One Note in class. The ability to grab screen shots of web pages used in class, or even better, pages from an e-book from a digital library for my notes has been an invaluable tool. I highly recommend HandySnap for anyone who needs a quick, small and easy to use interface for grabbing screen shots for their work!