Monthly Archives: January 2016

Organize Your Life With Software

MyLifeOrganized is cool software that can help you to keep organized your projects and daily tasks in such a way, that it naturally drives you to the completion of your goals.

This software supports GTD (Getting Thing Done) methodology developed by David Allen. MyLifeOrganized organizes your goals and tasks into a tree, and helps to build to-do lists. This software has PC and DPA editions (windows based) so you can always be sure that all your projects are with you wherever you are. One of the most valuable features of this software is that it’s very intuitive even for computer novices. You can synchronize your projects between PC and PDA every time you make changes in your projects. One impressive feature is the ability to synchronize in both directions PC-to-PDA and DPA-to-PC, so your notes you may have made during your business trip will stay with your projects. You can download it form for free and enjoy a 45 day trial period. Also available is a totally free “light” edition with some limitations in functionality.

Get Stealthy

When I kept noticing strange sites popping up in my history on my desktop at home, I double checked to make sure I didn’t have some strange virus or Trojan.

That came up empty so then I remembered the baby-sitter had mentioned she had just checked her email for a minute. So I installed a key logger – specifically Stealth KeyLogger 4.9 from Amplusnet. It’s a great program that not only logs keystrokes silently but also tracks sites visited, chat and IM, App use and file monitor. It can also take screenshots at an adjustable quality and frequency. But the great thing is ease of access to the logs. It can send by email, FTP, LAN or copied to a portable drive. Oh and we fired the babysitter after we tracked her spending half the time she was supposed to watching our daughter sending IMs to her boyfriend.

Micrsoft Virtual PC

What if you wanted to try out a particular software application, but didn’t want it to damage your computer?

Or if you wanted to play that legacy game sitting on your desk, but it doesn’t currently work on your desktop? Maybe you want to try other operating systems, but don’t want to go through the hassle of partitioning or reformatting? Microsoft Virtual PC, available for free download here can help you solve all three problems. With Virtual PC, you can install different operating systems in your very own virtual PC, without even touching or harming your computer! Imagine surfing the Web, without worrying about all the spyware and viruses that plague it. Although there are many virtualization solutions available, I found Virtual PC the best product for me.