Monthly Archives: April 2018


HandBrake is a wonderful and free application that will transcode your DVDs into MP4 format so you can play them on your ipod.

Not only will it rip the data from DVDs it also will take any video_TS folder you have lying around on your computer and convert that into MP4. But, that isn’t all folks, HandBrake also has the ability to transcode video for output to your Apple TV and PSP, if you have either of those lying around. Using HandBrake is dead simple, you just point it to the file or disc, use one of the built in presets for whatever device you are using and click start and then just let it sit for a while and do it’s magic. In short, HandBrake is a simple tool that fills a niche that no other software I have found has. Although it is a little simple to look at, and some features are lacking (like just a straight DVD rip) what it advertises to do it does it very well. So go out and try to finally fill up that 60gb iPod.