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Virtual CD 8

Make virtual drives that contain the information on our CDs with Virtual CD 8!

It acts just like normal CD insertion but now, the CD drive is empty but information would still be read and execution of information would still be available. This allows users to create a false image of placing a CD in the drive. Thus, users will be able to run multiple executions without the need of placing CDs, which is sometimes require by the drive to run the program. Use up to 21CDs or DVDs simultaneously without a drive.

The number of your virtual CDs is just limited by your hard disc! Insert your CDs and DVDs and start the needed application with one single click. Virtual CD offers more than 200x speed and noiseless CD/DVD access without a physical drive. You can run games, see movies, and hear music directly from your hard disk without inserting and swapping CDs. The new burning function lets you write your images back on CD or DVD if the original was lost or damaged. Also 1:1 copies of non protected CDs and DVDs are now possible.

Virtual CD supports RAW and DPM mode. Catalog your virtual and physical discs with Virtual CD. Create virtual CDs with copy templates and One Click Copy at no time. Virtual CD includes full network functionality. Authorized workstations can access functional Virtual CD images on the server. Virtual CD also features: – Up to 23 virtual drives- MP3, Ogg Vorbis and CDDB support- 256bit AES Encryption- Shortcuts to insert virtual CDs- CD-ROM emulator/editor.

Windows CleanUp

Windows CleanUp A very effective way of freeing up your hard drive space is to delete files you accumulate while browsing the internet.

Windows CleanUp! is a program that does just that. It’s a small bare-bones program that deletes temporary files and cookies. Another added benefit to this is that it’s extremely easy to use, as just clicking the “CleanUp!” button in the program every week is all that’s needed to keep your running machine free from clutter. It runs with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Netscape.

Splash ID

In today’s world of never-ending passwords you need some format to keep these safe. Some of us have the ability to rattle off numbers and passwords at will.

However, there are those of us that need the ability to ‘remember’ these items without actually having to remember each one. SplashData’s software platform SplashID gives you the ability to store these passwords in a secure format on both the users computer and a variety of portable devices (i.e. Palm OS, Blackberry, PocketPC, Smartphone, etc). The items are stored using the Blowfish encryption technology (256 bit) making it very secure and accessible using only one password to access the application. The items can be modified on either the computer or the handheld device and the items update via a sync function. (Desktop versions are only available for Windows and MacOS platforms) Each entry in the program can be identified using any number of user defined categories (i.e. Internet passwords, Credit Card info, Frequent Traveler Programs, etc) and separated by types (Travel, Bills, Personal, Work). There is also the ability to modify the multiple fields for each category for the specific information you require. Overall the program is a useful package for those that have difficulty remembering important passwords and information. It can be especially useful for those that have an overload of passwords and other information they need to recall at the most inopportune moments.

ECMA Script

JavaScript (or ECMA Script) is one of the most popular and also most under rated programming languages used on the internet today. This powerful language is object based, which means that like C++, Java or C# you can create objects to work with in your code.

JavaScript is commonly used for programming HTML web pages. For example, when you enter an invalid post code in an address field, JavaScript might be used to notify you of the error. Dynamic HTML (DHTML) is the term given to using JavaScript, HTML, the Document Object Mode (DOM) and Cascading Style Sheets to create interactive web pages. JavaScript continues to play an important part in the delivery of next generation web applications. Technologies such as AJAX and E4X are making use of JavaScript to provide highly interactive and powerful web based applications.

BitDefender Anti Virus Software

BitDefender is an anti-virus software that includes anti-spam and firewall. In addition, the newest version (number 10) features privacy protection tool, a tool for safe web surfing, as well as a root-kit detection and removal tool.

The software is easy to configure and use. If you are always online, it will update itself regularly, without your input. This relative newcomer in the field of antivirus software, of Romanian origin, quickly won accolades from reviewers all over the world. Just do a quick search on the internet and see for yourself! I have been using this software for about one year now, and give it the highest mark. It has faithfully kept my system free of infection. Of course, if you choose to activate all the tools offered by BitDefender, you will pretty much tie your own hands by making your web surfing experience very cumbersome indeed, with BitDefender asking you every two minutes if you agree to accept this or that cookie. That is why I generally instruct this software to do certain things only, and as for the rest, I rely on my own common sense.

X1 | Desktop Search

If you need to find something fast and easily on your computer, check out X1 Desktop Search.

X1 creates an index of items on your computer that can quickly be searched. X1 also offers a preview window that allows you to see inside of files without having the native program installed! It has easily increased my efficiency. X1 supports indexing of files on your local hard drive, email (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, and Netscape/Mozilla), and contacts (Outlook). Once you try X1, you will wonder how you ever lived without it! X1 is the best desktop search software out there!