Splash ID

In today’s world of never-ending passwords you need some format to keep these safe. Some of us have the ability to rattle off numbers and passwords at will.

However, there are those of us that need the ability to ‘remember’ these items without actually having to remember each one. SplashData’s software platform SplashID gives you the ability to store these passwords in a secure format on both the users computer and a variety of portable devices (i.e. Palm OS, Blackberry, PocketPC, Smartphone, etc). The items are stored using the Blowfish encryption technology (256 bit) making it very secure and accessible using only one password to access the application. The items can be modified on either the computer or the handheld device and the items update via a sync function. (Desktop versions are only available for Windows and MacOS platforms) Each entry in the program can be identified using any number of user defined categories (i.e. Internet passwords, Credit Card info, Frequent Traveler Programs, etc) and separated by types (Travel, Bills, Personal, Work). There is also the ability to modify the multiple fields for each category for the specific information you require. Overall the program is a useful package for those that have difficulty remembering important passwords and information. It can be especially useful for those that have an overload of passwords and other information they need to recall at the most inopportune moments.