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HiJack This

HiJack This is an ominous sounding piece of software; however, it is a very efficient piece of freeware.

This software actually pulls up the startup on a windows machine and lists all running processes; the user can then simply select which processes to “kill” to improve system performance. Which ever software is “killed” generally will not start again on a system reboot. The software is normally listed as a anti-spyware piece of software but it works just as effectively to reduce system drag associated with unwanted programs running in the background. It can be run from a flash (thumb) drive, or downloaded and put on the desktop and run from there. It has a file size of 392 KB, which means it takes no time to either download or use. A word of warning, if you utilize HiJack This and do not create a backup you could cause a serious operating issue on your computer. Start with the things that you know shouldn’t be there, like if you aren’t using McAfee anti-virus then it shouldn’t be listed in the “running” programs. There are some programs which are just easier to disable in their own interface as to prevent them from starting such as MS Messenger or Quicktime.

Windows Print Screen

I get a lot of requests for help with various computer and software related problems. I usually start by asking the person to send me a screenshot of the error message or problem. Amazingly, a lot of PC users still aren’t sure how to go about this. As such, here is a quick and easy tutorial on creating regular screenshots:-)

In Microsoft Windows 95 1st Edition, the “Print Screen” button on the keyboard took on new functionality. In the days of DOS, this key would send the text on the screen to your printer. Microsoft Windows 95 and above, allow you to “Print Screen,” but the screen print is copied to the clipboard to be pasted into an application such as a word processor, email program or photo manipulation software, rather than sent immediately to your printer.

After pressing the “Print Screen” key, open the desired application and select “Paste.” This will copy your current screen’s image into the application for possible saving, posting or manipulating. Another trick it to hold the “Alt” key as your press “Print Screen.” This will copy only the active window into your clipboard for pasting. This is useful for taking screen shots of error messages.

Zenbound for the iPhone

Zenbound is a game for the iPhone developed by Secret Exits Ltd.

Unlike a typical five minute “ringtone game,” Zenbound is by far the most polished game in the App Store. The game presents an object that must be wrapped by a rope. It’s meditative music and detailed graphics and intuitive touch screen controls wrap the player in an entrancing experience. It is easy to get lose several hours to this work of art. It is definitely worth your time.