Virtual CD 8

Make virtual drives that contain the information on our CDs with Virtual CD 8!

It acts just like normal CD insertion but now, the CD drive is empty but information would still be read and execution of information would still be available. This allows users to create a false image of placing a CD in the drive. Thus, users will be able to run multiple executions without the need of placing CDs, which is sometimes require by the drive to run the program. Use up to 21CDs or DVDs simultaneously without a drive.

The number of your virtual CDs is just limited by your hard disc! Insert your CDs and DVDs and start the needed application with one single click. Virtual CD offers more than 200x speed and noiseless CD/DVD access without a physical drive. You can run games, see movies, and hear music directly from your hard disk without inserting and swapping CDs. The new burning function lets you write your images back on CD or DVD if the original was lost or damaged. Also 1:1 copies of non protected CDs and DVDs are now possible.

Virtual CD supports RAW and DPM mode. Catalog your virtual and physical discs with Virtual CD. Create virtual CDs with copy templates and One Click Copy at no time. Virtual CD includes full network functionality. Authorized workstations can access functional Virtual CD images on the server. Virtual CD also features: – Up to 23 virtual drives- MP3, Ogg Vorbis and CDDB support- 256bit AES Encryption- Shortcuts to insert virtual CDs- CD-ROM emulator/editor.