How To Stay Organized

I’m a pretty busy guy. I’m a full time student, so my day is pretty much completely filled with homework, quizzes and tests to study for and other appointments. I used to have a lot of trouble staying organized, I’d forget about papers until the day they were due, and I once missed a midterm.

Then I found the application MiniTask. It’s based on Adobe Air, which lets developers create easy to use, internet based applications (though this one doesn’t use the internet. It’s a breeze to use, just right click to add tasks, separators (I use one for each day of the week) and even alarms so you don’t forget to do something important. It’s even customizable so you can change the colors to fit your desktop. I wouldn’t be able to survive without this app, it was the first application I downloaded when I switched computers and its sitting in my tray right now. If you have organization issues download this. You won’t regret it.