Unlock Locked Files

Most of us must have had this problem of unable to delete some files in windows and windows shows an error message that the file is being used.

Most of the time we will end up rebooting the system to delete the file, even then some files may not get deleted. Unlocker is a free tool to delete such files which are possessed by a application process in Windows XP or Vista. Whenever we try to delete a file which we don’t want and windows pops-up a message that the file cannot be deleted, Unlocker will immediately come up from the system tray and provides the list of all the processes which are locking the file. You can choose to kill the Process which is locking the file, Unlock the file without killing the process. You can also rename or copy the file. If no processes are holding the file, we can select to close the processes running and let Unlocker delete the file for us.