WinAVI’s iPod To PSP Converter

Have you ever wanted to put movies on your iPod or PSP, but didn’t know how to do it? WinAVI‘s iPod/PSP converter is what you need!

While it does cost $25, it converts most popular movie formats (including DVD, AVI, WMP, and QuickTime) so that you can watch them on your PSP or iPod! Provided you have a computer made in the last few years, it doesn’t take long at all to convert movies. After the video has been converted for viewing on your PSP or iPod, WinAVI’s iPod/PSP converter will transfer the video to the device right from the program! There’s no need to even install iTunes or any other programs in order to transfer the video to the device! I think that anyone who owns an iPod or PSP and wants to watch videos on it should purchase this piece of software. WinAVI also offers a free trial if you wish to try before you buy.