Active Desktop Calendar

I’m a very busy person and I’m always at a computer – either at work or at home. I like to have an easily updated, accessible calendar nearby at all times to help me keep track of everything that’s going on. I find the best way to do this is to have calendar plugins on each computer that can interact with one another. However, my requirements differ. While I want a calendar with all my appointments, tasks and events displayed prominently on my computer desktop at home, I don’t want that same calendar projected at work for all the office to see. I do want my items accessible, but in a slightly more private area. The solution I found works best includes the following:

1. At work, I have to use Outlook as my email program to keep emails compatible with everyone else in the office. To avoid installing more programs and keep some level of privacy, I decided to use Outlook’s calendar tool.

2. At home, I use Active Desktop Calendar, a fun and useful calendar program that displays the current and next month on your desktop, along with upcoming events and todo lists.

3. To keep from having to input calendar entries more than once, I use my Google Calendar exclusively to update events. I then synch both Active Desktop Calendar and my Outlook calendar (by using the Remote Calendars plugin) to download my Google Calendar every time they load, to keep up to date. I find this is an extremely useful solution to my calendaring needs.