What is the best anti-virus program?

Our pick for the best anti-virus & anti-spyware program currently available is Microsoft AntiSpyware.

The team at Redmond have really come up with a winner with this application. With a continually updated database (which is download automatically to your PC) of viruses and spyware we have found that Microsoft AntiSpyware has been able to detect and actually remove many malicious programs that other spyware removers could not handle.

In addition to being able to detect, block, and remove spyware this application comes with many other useful features. It features 3 real time security agents which continually monitor your Internet connection, your system settings, and your applications for any attempts to subvert your preferred settings.

Finally, you are also afforded a set of advanced tools which despite the name and incredible handy and easy to use. First you have your System Explorer which allows you to change many of the hard-to-find features of your PC. Second you have your Browser Restore. This one can be particularly handy when you find that your browser is not setup the way you like it. Finally, the Tracks Eraser which is a robust privacy tool that can remove all Internet History logs from your web browsing history as well as 50 other activity trails. It can even clean up trails from many other popular software applications such as your Instant Messaging software and media players.

Microsoft AntiSpyware really is your one stop application for PC Security and best of all, it’s free!

Other applications of interest include: