Total Video Converter

Total Video converter is a software program which converts video and audio files in one format to another desired format reliable for playing in iPod, iPhone and for reducing the file sizes. The great advantage of it is that it retains the original content with great video and audio quality using faster and more reliable conversion techniques.

The converted video formats can be burnt in a new DVD using this which makes its usage more advantageous. Total Video Converter is able to convert video and audio files in the available formats into a variety of formats, such as 3GP, MP4, AVI (MPEG-4 Part 2), AMR audio which are used by AVCHD, iPod, iPhone, Xbox 360, mobile phone, PDA, PSP, PS3, Microsoft Zune etc.

Users also have the provisions to combine two or more audio and video files and then convert them into the required format and also to extract the audio from a video in the required formats like MP3, AC3, Ogg, WAV, AAC etc. The two main modes in Total Video Converter are named as the Easy mode and Advanced mode where in Easy mode the users are allowed to import a video, select the desired format and convert it but in advanced mode the users can change many aspects of the video, such as the size, bit rate and audio codec. Total Video Converter, users receive Total video Player that allows playing the movie and audio converted.