I like reading foreign literature, I often do it in my leisure and free time. Every now and then I meet a foreign word or a phrase with an unknown meaning and I need translation help.

Recently I found great translating software, it is called Babylon. It has the option to download different dictionaries from the web that give you different definitions of the word, there is even a thesaurus that helps you find synonyms, word with similar and with opposite meaning that can help you in writing. It also has a function to hear the pronunciation of the word. You can buy dictionaries from all over the world in different languages.

The programs has shortcuts that allow you only by using the ctrl button and a click of the mouse to underline the word and the word is immediately searched in the database and the translation is presented to you promptly.

It also works with whole texts. You can just enter the text and ask for a translation from one language to another. But I wouldn’t recommend this option, because the computer is unaware of when a certain meaning of the word should be used and is often prone to mistakes.