Total Commander

Originally known as Windows commander, Total Commander debuted as a nice windows file explorer with all the features of the well-known DOS Norton commander.

Its main and most important feature is having two folder panels side by side to copy/move files back and forth. Currently, Total Commander supports multiple tabs so that now you can work with several folders in one window. In several levels, Total Commander supports plug-ins to add limitless new features. For example, you can manipulate registry, services, start-up programs, clipboard contents, control panel, task manager, and Uninstaller.

You can also use Total Commander as a RSS feeds reader, an emails reader, a HTTP browser, and a FTP browser. Total Commander comes with a nice viewer called Lister which also supports plug-ins. Using this viewer, you can view virtually any type of files (pdf, ps, MS word, images, videos, music, database files, web pages, just to name a few. This program has everything in one nice user-friendly window that you don’t have to shuffle through different programs to get the job done. There are folder history, folder bookmarks, program shortcuts, extensive compression type support, just about anything that is related to file or folder and much more.