Customizing Your Windows Boot Screen

At some point in time, Windows users all get tired of the stock Windows boot screen- the screen that you are forced to stare at while Windows loads up.

Although it is possible to actually edit the original file, an easier, safer, and more versatile method is to use Stardock BootSkin, a great free program that allows you to ‘skin’ your boot screen. Since this doesn’t change your original boot screen’s file, it’s a safer and more stable way of doing things. You can create your own BootSkins, or use pre-made skins found at websites like Wincustomize.

If you find multiple skins that you like, the program has a function that allows you to have a different skin from your collection appear randomly each time Windows is loaded. Overall, this program is a lot of fun and a great way to make your computer customization go further than just swapping out the image on your desktop. Stardock BootSkin is a great program for any creative Windows XP/2000 user.