Synkronizer 9.5

Last year I came across this software called Synkronizer 9.5. My requirement was to compare the data in two excels.

I tried to find free software but none of them were found to be helpful. Suddenly I found the link for Synkronizer 9.5 which is not free but you can try it for 30 days with full functionality. After 30 days you need to register to continue using it. The software comes in 4 different versions: Light Version, Standard Version, Premium Version and Developer Version.

The basic differences between these versions are the existence of some functionalities like “Highlighting Differences”, “Creating Difference Report”, “Navigator Toolbar”, “Access/ODBC files” and “Synkronizer VBA”. This software proved to be a very helpful to me. It’s not just a comparison tool but more than that. It has different types of settings based on your requirement to get the comparison report.

First of all, let me tell you that it is installed as an Add-In in Microsoft excel. First you click on the icon available in the “Tools” menu and then click on the icon for Synkronizer to open a wizard. The wizard asks you to choose two excel files. The first file to be chosen is called as a “Master” file and the other file to be chosen is called as “Update” file. Interesting thing I found here is that you can choose the same file as a “Master” and an “Update” file but need to choose two different sheets of the same file. You can specify the worksheets as databases also.

You can set some filters which will be used as a filter while comparing the sheets. Some of the are like “Case Sensitive”, “White space Trim”, “Ignoring Data type”, “Ignoring Constraints”, “Ignoring Formulas”. You can set for numeric tolerance in case of numbers in the data. Also the software lets you to configure the difference report after the sheets are compared. You can configure how you want the software to compare the two sheets. The most important feature of this software is Configuration. This tool compares two sheets according to your wish. Whatever you tell, it will do it. It has some default settings which can be changed as required. There are also configurations for colors. Language setting is also a good feature. You can configure the tool to compare in terms of values or formulas. This comparison tool is very easy-to use and needs no training.

It is self explanatory and I would like to refer this tool to all those who is looking for the best excel comparison tool. I actually completed a project of one month using this tool and VBA coding. Another Advanced feature that comes with the Developer version is that Synkronizer can be controlled using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Recurring, standardized or complex comparison processes can be automated using Synkronizer and VBA.