ooVoo Video Conferencing

ooVoo is a video conferencing software application.

That sounds simple, and aren’t there a lot of software programs out there that can do that? Not really. ooVoo allows up to 6 people conferencing at the same time. A stand out feature that I like a lot is the crystal clear pictures (with PC that fulfills the technical requirements). No more grainy pictures and strange colors. You can use ooVoo to simply chat with friends, keep in touch with your family, or even conduct a meeting. It’s free – just grab and go. Nothing gets easier than that. And if your friends/family/colleagues don’t have ooVoo, fret not. ooVoo has this cool feature called ooVoo web calls. Basically you copy-paste a link and people clicking that link can instantly do video chat with you. No downloads at his/her side needed. Fast and easy. ooVoo is available for download for PC (Windows) version along with Mac version.