STATGRAPHICS – the software for the professional and the occasional statistician. Most people need to incorporate statistics into their work from time to time. They also may find it useful to provide a statistical graphic for their readers to help them understand the scope of the data.

While there are several fine statistical software packages, the one that stands out for both ease-of-use and an extensive library of quick-to-generate graphics is STATGRAPHICS Centurion. Realizing that many users may not have put together a statistical formula since college, the software uses a standard spreadsheet to hold the data you provide and the 150 available statistical functions are called from the menu bar. Need a multiple variable analysis of production numbers? STATGRAPHICS will provide one or more windows with text explaining the data and functions such as average, variance, standard deviation, etc. Other panes will provide various types of plots that can be modified with an array of graphic tools. Dialog boxes allow you to add or remove detail according to your requirements.

One additional feature that was pioneered by STATGRAPHICS is the Stat Advisor. The Stat Advisor provides detail about the results in plain English text. If you are working with functions such as regression lines and you are a bit rusty on the math (F-Ratio, P-Values), the Stat Advisor will explain the expected value and why your data does or does not fit. For anyone interested in trying out the software, there is a demo version available on the site that is fully functional. The only limitation is that the software will cease to function after 30 days if a license is not purchased. If statistics are part of your job, STATGRAPHICS might be a tool that makes your life easier and more productive.