Polar Rose

Computer searching moves a step forward – Search with PHOTOS to be made possible. Polar Rose a Sweden Company is on the verge of introducing new software where search in the web can be made with photos to locate similar photos. Similar looking people can now be reached over the web with the help of this software.

The software analyses digital photos to locate faces, then convert the data from two dimensional into 3d models. Then these skeletal models are rendered to “face prints”.The face prints will be used for search and matching process. The actual photos are not stored, only the face print summaries are stored in the database. These are then compared with other face prints enabling to create a large searchable index for comparing and cataloguing of digital images. The photos can be labeled by name or their face print signatures.

Thus, the Internet, that has revolutionized the world communication system will move step forward when this software is released. Now searching for persons with criminal records, missing person’s etc., will be made easier.