Sony Vegas 7.0e Platinum

I have just recently upgraded my video editing software to Sony Vegas 7.0e Platinum.

I needed this because I also upgraded the camera I had been using to a new Sony A1U HD unit. I needed to upgrade the editor because Windows Movie Maker does not support HD video. I initially downloaded the free trial and that was for 31 days. The cool thing about that was that Sony offered up the full version so you could try all of the features out before you actually bought it…which I ended up doing after the trial had expired. I also had to call their tech support team and they were very helpful answering all of my questions! Overall, my experience with the Vegas has been great. It is one of the most user friendly editors I have used and allows for great clarity especially compared to the compressed messes that I used to generate from Windows Movie Maker. If you are looking for an HD editor for your DV or HDV camera then give Vegas a try…you’ll end up buying it like I did!