Gmail Drive Shell Extension

Ever wondered what to do with almost 3GB of space GMail provides you for emails?

GMail Drive Shell Extension will create a pseudo-drive on your computer and parse your Gmail inbox to provide you with an almost 3gb web drive! It’s free, and all you have to do is install “Gmail Drive Shell Extension” click on the drive icon and login to your Gmail account!

Although he idea is very cool and handy it has some disadvantages:
1) if you create another account to use as a web drive, Gmail will not remember you (it happens cause the browser cookies overwrite each other).
2) it wont run, for some reason, on my Vista x64 machine.
3) Gmail has an attachment limit of 20mb

Despite these disadvantages, I’m using GMail Drive Shell Extension to transfer tiny stuff (tiny being <20mb) around. I prefer using this method over my flash memory sticks. Some readers will probably say that there are webdrives at present that provide 5GB and more of space and unlimited attachment size – but they don’t have a plugin to be accessed through windows shell!