Roboform is a wonderfully versatile program that helps you keep your sanity by remembering all the logins and passwords you are using online.

This software works with Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Mozilla. You get more than your money’s worth for the $30 it costs for the premier version. A freeware version lets you try it out and keeps track of a limited number of logins. This program remembers all the details for multiple users (you just create multiple identities). It lets you create a master password as additional security for all your data. The fill-in form pops up every time you launch a page requesting login information. The program will even generate new passwords for you. This program is every easy to use. I am delighted too, that they offer updates often, to keep up with browser changes, and the free upgrades are simple and quick to install. Roboform has a quick link so you can store all your login information in a file and another link to let you print a list of your data. I have used this program for several years. It is amazingly helpful and glitchfree. I highly recommend it to everyone.