Revo Uninstaller

These days we install several software applications for our use or just to try it. If we find that software to be unusable, we will uninstall it. Any software we install in our PC creates folders files and more importantly, the registry entries.

While uninstalling trough the wizard given in the software package or through Add or Remove Programs option, not all the used files and folders are cleared from the system. There will also be many leftover registry entries. Sometimes these files get cleared during the nest system restart and sometimes they will not. To accomplish all these tasks at one go, Revo Uninstaller, a freeware uninstall utility, can be used. This utility works much faster than Windows Add/Remove option. This utility has been designed with such a fast algorithm. While uninstalling an application through this uninstaller it scans the application before and after the uninstall process. Once the normal uninstall operation is done, this Revo Uninstaller shows a unique window which provides the user with options to remove the additional unnecessary files, folders and registry keys also. It is also capable of removing any broken installation. Besides featuring the Add or Remove option, the Revo uninstaller also has some other powerful tools such as advanced mode which enables the user to add program-specific registry key access to the context menu. There are also some tools available for PC optimization such as, the Auto run Manager which helps to manage the startup items, a Junk File finder which helps to remove all unwanted files from the system, and a Windows Tools access screen which groups up many important basic utilities under one roof. With all these features, this software seems to a much useful one for every PC users. It does not occupy much space for installation and more importantly it is a freeware. The updates for this software are available regularly and it can be done by clicking the update option in the application itself.