Quicksilver – Quick Launch MAC Utility

Quicksilver is a nice quicklaunch utility for Mac OSX. Currently available from http://quicksilver.blacktree.com at no cost, Quicksilver is what OS X’s dashboard feature was meant to be. Quicksilver allows easy access to a variety of information sources via a hotkey and is infinitely configurable. A variety of plugins extend Quicksilver’s feature-set and make the program more useful.

Quicksilver’s many uses extend beyond basic application launching. For example; one can type the name of someone in your Address Book application, hit tab when the correct person is selected, and initiate an IM or email message; Or you could simply edit the contacts information. Quicksilver is a rapidly evolving application that fits in very well the usage patterns of many keyboard bound users. This application comes highly recommended and should be an integral part of any Mac geek’s /Applications folder.