Google CodeSearch

A new search facility has recently been created by Google Labs. The facility is specifically targeted at computer programmers and enables them to search through an immense archive of freely available programming source code on the Internet. The facility has been named “Google Codesearch” and can be found at: Google Codesearch

Useful features:

  • Results can be found by entering regular expressions as well as the usual freeform text. Regular Expressions are familiar to most experienced programmers and offer a very powerful mechanism for searching text.
  • The results can be filtered by programming language; limiting the returned results to the preferred programming language.
  • The search results provide a detailed snippet of the source code, along with a link to the original application code and a link to the license that the source code is released under (GPL license, MIT license, BSD license, etc.)All in all, Codesearch is a useful tool in any computer programmer’s arsenal. Saving time and making you more productive, enabling you to find existing code easily rather than spending time writing it from scratch.