Plogue Bidule

Plogue Bidule is a modular sound design environment.

It acts as a host for audio and MIDI plugins, as well as providing numerous building blocks of its own to help you create and sculpt sound. Bidule works on Windows and Mac OSX (both PowerPC and Intel), and hosts Audio Units and VST plugins. What really sets Bidule apart from the myriad other hosts is its ability to connect modules in any way imaginable: any plugin can be connected to as many others as you want, and Bidule will automatically mix and amplify the signal. You can connect a module’s output to its own input for feedback, split a stereo signal to two separate effects chains (or 10!), monitor audio levels and recombine everything and send it to a multi-track recording module to record your music direct to hard disk. Musicians looking to add some unique flavor to their sound will definitely find what they’re looking for. Bidule is also designed to work with MIDI, from distributing MIDI signals from several hardware controllers to multiple synths, to creating entire musical scores based on mathematic principles. The possibilities are so great, that Bidule can be a little daunting at times. But, thankfully, and in stark contrast to some other software, Bidule makes it easy to get started playing music without having to build everything from the ground up. Many tutorial groups are included to guide the user through basic connections, and some pretty weird ones are thrown in there for good measure!