How to make interactive forms using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat

One of the best aspects about Adobe InDesign is how easy it is to create nice, professional looking forms with ease.

However, the problem comes if you want the forms to be interactive (i.e., you want the user to actually be able to type into the form instead of printing it out and supplying hand written answers). Luckily, making interactive forms is easier than you may think! First, you will need to create your form using Adobe InDesign.

Design the form exactly how you would like it. Use the frame tool to draw empty rectangles where you want your user to be able to input information. Next, save your file as a PDF. Next, open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Professional. Now you need to add interactive boxes to your document. To start doing this, go to Forms > Create New Form… and follow the prompts. You will then get the forms toolbar added to your screen. That toolbar allows you to create input boxes on your interactive form. Finally, resave your document. You now have a PDF file that is interactive. Your users will be able to type in their information and print it out.