Open Office 2.0

Open Office 2.0 – Are you looking for a quality alternative to Microsoft Office that is fully compatible with Microsoft Office documents?

Would you believe that you could get it for free? Open Office is your answer. This program has been developed over a dozen years, initially by Sun and later open-sourced to the developer community. Unlike Microsoft Office, it runs an almost any platform (including Unix/Linux). Its features generally cover Microsoft Office’s capabilities and the user interface is easy to use if you are already familiar with Microsoft Office.

Open Office consists of a suite of applications: – Open Office Writer: the substitute for Microsoft Word. As a bonus, writer can save files in PDF. Saves and reads Microsoft Word files. – Open Office Calc: the substitute for Microsoft Excel. Saves and reads Microsoft Excel files. – Open Office Impress: the substitute for Microsoft PowerPoint. Saves and reads Microsoft PowerPoint files. – Open Office Draw: application used for vector graphics illustration. – Open Office Math: if you are a college student or need a way of expressing complex formulas, this is your application.