Disable Reply To All

The Reply To All button has caused a lot of grief in it’s lifetime. Most people don’t use it very often and many people have used it once and really regretted it! This doesn’t have to happen. It is pretty easy to enable/disable the Reply To All button. Easy enough that I would recommend leaving it disabled until such time that you really need it.

In the majority of email programs (I use Windows Live Mail) you can just right click on the Toolbar and if allows you to “Customize Toolbar”. From here you can just select “Reply To All” and remove it from the list of available buttons on your active Toolbar. You just repeat the steps to re-enable it should you actually need that button.

Since it is not used that often, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal for most people. If you find that you need to have the button available at all times, or if you actually use it a lot in your line of work, then perhaps a copy of Reply To All Monitor would be a good investment for you!