When one first logs onto a Mac OSX after a great many years of using Windows, one might be dazzled by the visual and functional appeal of the Mac Docker.

You may be surprised to find that you can also have it on your desktop PC. There are many PC third-party dockers, but the best so far are StarDock’s Objectdock and Punk Software’s Rocketdock. Objectdock’s premium version gives users the ability to create multiple docks, so you can have one on each screen. Objectdock and Rocketdock great appeal is that they can show opened windows in their docks and also a preview when windows are minimized. I found Objectdock more appealing because it can show notification area (the icons on the rightmost side next to the time clock of windows taskbar) on its dock. Objectdock seems to be the only one who has this cool ability. Rocketdock can utilize Windows Vista’s live preview (on minimized windows), which appears unique to Rocketdock. So whether you’re looking to emulate the look of a Mac on your PC, or you just want that cool dock look and feel, take a peek at these quality software products.