HP Photosmart AIO Color Inkjet 4180 Printer Review

This is one of the many printers in the 180 series. This is a far superior printer.

Let me first list the pros of the HP Photosmart 4180 printer. This is a color inkjet printer, and uses two ink cartridges, one for black and the other for tri-color, the colors are not separated into different cartridges, which could be a downside for some people, but for me it was fine. It has a brilliant 2.5” display, great for printing photos; it even has a separate holder for 4×6 photo paper. I was also impressed with the speed that the printer prints at. It will print at about 30 pages per minute on black in draft mode, which is pretty good for a sub $200 printer.

I could only find a few cons, the software takes about 15 minutes to load in and I could not get the OCR software to work, but it does sound very good on the package if you do get it to work. I also wasn’t that satisfied with the quality of the scanner, the photos look a bit dull, but text is great. I contacted them and they said the 5180, the next model up, produced much better looking photos, but I decided, it wasn’t worth the money. Overall I was satisfied with this AIO, except that I couldn’t get the OCR software to work, as I stated above and the scanner was a bit on the low-end side. I would also like to mention that the inks are quite expensive to replace if you can’t get them on sale. Overall, this is a great printer for the average home user, but probably wont suit a small businesses needs. On a scale of 1-5, I would rate this printer a 4.5/5.