Minimem Memory Optimizer

A long standing condition of Microsoft operating systems is the loose control of memory for applications.

Use of a third party application to reduce memory use or reclaim unused yet unavailable memory is fairly commonplace. One such program is Minimem, a freeware memory optimizer developed by Kerkia. Originally, the program was developed to help deal with memory issues related to Firefox. Later it was expanded to optimize unlimited system processes with full user control. Minimem runs in the background and uses pooling to keep CPU use at a bare minimum. Users running multiple applications or programs with large memory footprints will definitely see an improvement in their system resources. It is also really handy to tame programs with memory leaks. The interface is very easy to use and requires no advance level of technical knowledge to choose processes. Specify an amount of memory to filter out smaller processes and decide which ones you want to optimize. A threshold of minimum available memory can be set before Minimem will even take effect. You can also set it to ignore processes that are in the foreground to limit any possible performance issues.