Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI

I do photography as a hobby and wanted a good software program for editing my photos.

I had tried many free programs from the internet that in the end didn’t offer everything I was looking for. In my search for a comparative program I read many featured software programs that you could try for a free trial and purchase after the trial if suited to your needs. One such software program I found was Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI.

This program had many features that would help me to produce fabulous photos. One such feature of this program is the “skin smoothing” effect. Many people will tell you that the most thing they dislike about their photos is the complexion of their skin. In this mode to different degrees you can actually smooth out the skin of the face, arms, hands, or other parts of an exposed body that you focus in on. Another tool is the blemish tool. The blemish tool is a nice tool to use before your skin smoothing tool. This tool can be small or enlarged depending on your work area. The tool takes and blends the surrounding colors to hide the flaw. Whether it is a pimple on a face/forehead, or a scar that your trying to minimize. Another feature of this software is the variations to take your color photo and make it black & white, sepia, black & white with some color, variations in the degree of black and white compensation. These features work out nicely for those pictures that look great in color but look better plain. One other feature I really like about this software is the lasso. This feature allows you to actually remove a section of one picture and paste it to another picture. You can really make goofy pictures with this feature. You can also copy and paste certain parts of your pictures in itself making for a very interesting collage.

When looking for a software program for photography don’t just grab up the first one you see. Don’t always rely on the “free” programs if this hobby is something your going to be working at for a long time. If your truly going to have an interest in editing your photos take the time to find the right software that WILL match your needs. If its an expense to you then it is well worth it in the end. Most of your software you buy will have a site you can visit to see if there are any upgrades to your software. At times there may be upgrades and also new improved software for you to try. I hope this helps in your quest to “snap” up the right software for your needs.