Manga Studio

Containing elements of both drawing and page layout applications, Manga Studio is a software product that allows users to layout, draw, and finish comic/manga stories.

The program, which was developed in Japan where it is know as Comic Studio, is a mature product that is used by many professional comic and manga artists. It supports many comic specific features such as multilayer drawing and inking, panel layout, and word balloon management. It also allows the user to more easily do a number of standard comic effects such as toning, speed lines, and type effects. The balloon management feature allows the user to create and edit dialog balloons, narration boxes, thought balloons, and other comic related typographic tricks. Drawings can either be scanned in, or drawn directly with mouse or tablet. Resolution is user selectable and there is limited support for vector artwork. You can also import some types of 3D models directly into a layer to use as an under drawing or as a piece of finished art. The program comes in both a limited function Debut version ($49) and a fully featured professional EX version ($299).