EBlaster Child Monitor

EBlaster activity reports from Spectorsoft has put my mind at ease!

As the parent of two teenagers and a preteen, all of whom are computer savvy, I had three additional computers or laptops in my home running and I did not know what they were doing on line. The purchase of EBlaster was an investment in my peace of mind! The EBlaster is simply loaded onto the computer your child uses most often and in turn it sends hourly reports to YOUR email address. It sends a complete report as well as specifics about “chats”, “myspace activity” and email your child both sends and receives. In the world wide web world, with so much available at the push of a button, I can feel secure being informed about what my children are doing on line, who they are talking too and what information they are getting and giving out. If there is a problem, I can be on top of it. MY children don’t know this program is on their computer as it can be placed into a stealth mode. This allows them to feel free on line and not feel as if I do not trust them. In fact, I do trust my children, it is the internet I worry about. EBlaster, lets me breathe easier while my children are on line!