IM+ IPhone App Review

This is a nifty little app for the iPhone. This works just like a normal messenger service and you can have a number of accounts on this, including Facebook (but only for the premium version).

You get a choice of status’ as well (Online, Away, Invisible and Offline). The UI is pretty straight forward and intuitive. There are some nice touches, eg. to toggle between conversations, you flick the page to the right or the left, and voila – you can chat to another friend! It’s also quite well designed, so it looks pretty and even comes with emoticons. I really like this app as it doesn’t just work using a wireless connection (yes, that’s you Skype!) but it even works on Edge and 3G. Connection can be a bit patchy at times, particularly if I’m out and about, but if you’re just staying put at one place it’s fine. There are some limitations, eg. you can’t update your status, can’t upload a profile picture, patchy connection when you’re on the move, etc but I would definitely recommend this, particularly the Free version!