Dell Axim X51v Pocket PC Review

Today I am reviewing the Dell Axim X51v Pocket PC.

I have been using this device for about a year. At the time it came out, it was far more advanced compared to most other pocket PC devices due to its fast processor (624MHz), versatile connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, IRDA, USB), expandability (CF, SD cards), and high resolution screen (480×640 pixels). I purchased the device from Dell on sale at a price that was better than other devices at the time. When making my purchase, I considered a Pocket PC phone device, but ultimately chose the Axim due to it’s powerful features and large 3.7″ screen. I am able to use my Verizon EVDO phone for data access so the only downside of not having a PDA phone is having to carry 2 devices. The advantages of the Axim’s power allow me to use it for many tasks including GPS navigation, music, video, web browsing, email, games, and much more. There is also a active user community of other Axim users who are able to help me with any problems I might have. I highly recommend this device to anyone considering a powerful PDA device.