You Torrent I Torrent

I have been using uTorrent (often stylized and more properly referred to as µTorrent ) since a little after it came out in 2005.

To give some background information about uTorrent, it’s a freeware, closed source BitTorrent client that is written in C++ and claims the µ in its name due to its boasting of the program’s smaller footprint compared to other BitTorrent clients. uTorrent accomplishes this feat by using the UPX executable compressor. uTorrent’s named feature is also why I have chosen to use the program and stuck with it for so long. It is designed and delivers on the feat of using on a minimal amount of computer resources while also offering the same or better functionality as compared to the larger BitTorrent clients, most notably Vuze. Seriously, if you haven’t tried uTorrent out yet, then you should consider it. I have downloaded days worth of music that I will never get back, but they are days that I am glad to have spent listening to my uTorrent downloads. No matter what operating system you are running or how old your hardware is, you will be glad you tried uTorrent thanks to the great performance and stability it offers.