XML Publisher

XML Publisher is a Java-based tool to develop the Oracle Reports in printable aesthetic formats like Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word.

The tool is very effective and can easily be integrated with the Oracle database. The report development using XML is a three step process. Step-1: Develop the reports using Reports Builder. All the query is to be written as it is done in legacy reports. Step-2: Create a Template using MS Word skills. Even pictures can be pasted onto the MS Word Template. Attach the XML Tags to various fields in the template using Form-fields in MS Word. Save the document as Rich Text Format Step-3: Create Data Definition for the report and define the Template using XML Publisher responsibility in Oracle Applications. Attach the RTF template to the Template define in XML Publisher. The report is ready to be executed. The output can directly be printed and issued to third party (e.. Sales Order, Invoice, Purchase Order etc.)