X-Setup from Xteq Systems

X-Setup from Xteq Systems, is the “ultimate tool for tuning your system to perfection”.

It’s great software, with a lot a functions that could help you to fix some problems you have, or simply to make you operative system look smarter and cooler. It’s really simple to use, and you can either choose between the “wizard mode”, where you are guided step-by-step on what you would like to customize, and the “power user mode”, for expert computer users, who already know what to do. Here you have full access to all the options available: appearance, hardware, information, internet, network, program options, system and startup/shutdown options. The most useful of its tools is just the last one: startup/shutdown options. Everyone has had troubles trying to disable stupid software or applications that force your CPU to turn on full-working; but thanks to this, you will face even the most difficult situations: you can select which auto run programs must keep on working, and which ones should be disabled or even deleted, and you could do it in just a few clicks. Obviously, you can update it to the latest version, so that you could take advantage of all its potentialities and great functions. Your PC will be so grateful to you, it will look cooler and it will work as fast as if it were new!