WordPerfect Lightning

And another product comes out to compete in the word-processing maze, Corel’s “WordPerfect Lightning”!

According to ZDNET writer David Berlind, “Lightning conforms to the 10/90 rule. It takes the 10 percent of the features found in heavyweight word processors that 90 percent of the people who have those heavyweight word processors actually use, and dispenses with the rest.” So what is it? After downloading it today, I tested it out, and found out a couple of things – it’s a note assembling side-bar that allows you to pull information from websites, documents, emails (and more), and organize them all in one space. It’s “Microsoft Word Lite”, or “Windows Notepad Extreme”. It is, in effect, the PC-version of G Notebook, so try it out today, at http://www.lightningcommunity.com. If you’re the kind who takes notes, and writes down thoughts, and bookmarks websites all day … I think you just might be in for a surprise!