Windows Shell Replacement – GeoShell

GeoShell is a free desktop replacement shell for Windows. A replacement shell, for those of you who do not know, replaces the default “explorer” shell that Windows uses. This means that it gets rid of the usual taskbar, desktop and start menu, and instead uses its own. GeoShell was first built as a shell that uses minimal resources (back in the day when memory wasn’t so readily available), but over time it has become much more powerful, yet still using less resources than explorer.

GeoShell is a modular “bar-type” replacement shell, meaning that instead of a fixed taskbar, you get to create “geoBars” that you can place anywhere on your desktop, and on each geoBar you get to pick which plugins you want to put on it. GeoShell has many plugins available, like a mp3 player remote, a weather checker, a rss reader, just to name a few. Furthermore, GeoShell is highly customizable and once you get the hang of it, you can really increase your efficiency in using your desktop.