Windows Movie Maker

The WMM program that generally comes with Microsoft Windows Operating System from 2000 onwards is found to very useful to me.

The software is provided by Microsoft Windows for free with their operating system. The simplicity of this software surprisingly did not draw my attention earlier. The look & feel of this program is similar to the other user-friendly programs that come with the Windows Operating System. WMM contains the basic File menus that you generally see in any Windows programs. Here, you can make your own videos using this software with a lot of features enabled.

The WMM workspace has four parts namely “Movie Tasks” to be done or can be done with WMM, “Collection Space” where you can collect all your pictures, videos and audios to combine and make a new video with all your personal stuffs, “Media Player” where you can play your personalized movie after finishing or during construction and last but not the least the main work area where you actually do your job, the “Story Board or Timeline”. You have to import pictures, videos, audios stored in your PC, using the panel “Movie Tasks”.

After importing, you will see those imported stuffs in the “Collection Space”. From here you can drag any items into the “Story Board or Timeline” below. You can also capture from any video device and make use of it in this creation. You can put video effects, video transitions, and make titles for each of your pictures being displayed in the movie and play an audio in the background. The “Movie Tasks” panel also have movie making tips which you can use as a tutorial even when you are actually in progress to make your own movie.