Which Linux to pick for your business servers?

Which Linux to pick for your business servers? Traditionally these have been run on UNIX machines with HP UX from HP, AIX from IBM and Solaris from Sun. Linux is less expensive as an OS and allows commodity x86 hardware to be run, providing savings in both software and hardware. However, not all Linux distributions are created equal.

The most important factors are: How secure and stable is the OS? How is it supported? Which hardware platforms will it run on? Which software will run on it?

Although there are many distributions of Linux, many are really for hobbyists on the desktop and many lack support and an ecosystem of 3rd parties that work with them. For servers, there are only two credible choices: Novel’s SUSE and Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux. SUSE has a very strong relationship with IBM and is especially good on high-end IBM machines. In the general market, Red Hat is the better overall product, out-selling SUSE ten to one. Many clients are concerned about the poor financial shape of Novel which is battling to avoid being delisted from the stock exchange and is embroiled in a stock option scandal.