What Is Crowd Sourcing?

There are many tasks in life which are still nearly impossible to perform with computer.

Often these tasks are extremely simple tasks for humans to perform. Let’s take the task of summarizing. A computer is completely unprepared for dealing with matters of language, whereas you or I may be able to read a paragraph and very quickly summarize it. Crowdsourcing is a method born out of this dilemma. How does an individual or business with tasks like these find the workers needed to complete these tasks quickly? A website owned by Amazon, currently in beta, is one such solution. Workers pick up very small amounts of money for completing these simple tasks. Employers get these tasks completed very quickly for cheap, because they are outsourced to a large crowd of individuals. Often times, employers get thousands of human intelligence tasks completed in an hour. In a nutshell: Crowdsourcing is an innovative new way to use technology to aid humans in completing tasks that only humans can complete. It gets work from employers to the maximum number of humans as fast as possible.