VYM Mind Mapping Tool

VYM is a great mind mapping tool for Linux and Mac-OS Mind mapping is a powerful way to organize your mind.

Putting a keyword in the middle of a blank page, you then draw branches from that keyword and label them, creating a tree-like structure of information that resembles the way your brain organizes data. Personally, I use mind mapping to easily memorize facts I have to learn for the university, but there are several other applications for this method. Tired of forgetting things you have to pack when going on a voyage or camping? Use a mind map. Start out with branches like “clothes”, “books” or “stuff for work”. You won’t forget a single thing. Mind maps are also a great way to structure ideas you gathered in a brainstorming session or to plan a presentation on any topic. The possibilities of the mind mapping technique are great and it’s no wonder that there is a lot of software on the market to support you in your mind mapping. If you use Linux or Mac, I have found a great piece of free software for you. VYM or “View Your Mind” lets you create mind maps in the blink of an eye, print them and export them into several formats, including websites. Have a look at the VYM-website, it’s a great example.