Useful Key Commands

While working with computers for the purpose of writing reports and sometime surfing Internet, I have been frequently using certain key commands or key combination that I found very useful and I wanted to share them here. Hoepfully they will be helpful to general users in daily applications, writing notes or reports or surfing Internet.

Most commonly used short commands are:

  • Ctrl+Home : Go to top of a document
  • Ctrl+End : Go to end of a document
  • Ctrl+L : Go to/Begin from left end of a line
  • Ctrl+R : Go to/Begin from right end of a line
  • Ctrl+E : Go to/Begin from center of a line
  • Ctrl+J : Justification of text/paragraph
  • Ctrl+A : Select the whole file/text/document
  • Ctrl+C : Copy selected portion/file/text/document
  • Ctrl+V : Paste selected portion/file/text/document
  • Ctrl+Z : To undo command/commands and also to undo auto commands that often appear while typing in words document but are not needed.
  • Ctrl+A followed by Ctrl+j : To justify the whole text/document in one go
  • Shift+Home : To select part of line left of cursor
  • Shift+End : To select part of line right of cursor
  • End Key : Go to end of a line
  • Home Key : Go to start of a line
  • Alt+OE : To change the case of selected portion from small to capital letters

Each of these tasks can be done with the mouse, but each one requires the user to leave the keyboard for the mouse and then comeback which in the long run is very time consuming. It might take some getting used to, but with practice you will notice these keyboard shortcuts are much faster.